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Student Bar Association Newsletter: Monday, August 25, 2008


Fellow Classmates -

Welcome back to Carolina Law! I suspect many of you also feel this summer went by far too quickly, but today we begin the 2008-09 school year.

This will be a year with countless opportunities and I encourage all of you, whether you are an incoming student or a 3L graduating in May, to get involved.

A special welcome to the 258 incoming 1Ls. I hope you found orientation useful and are getting to know your way around the campus and Chapel Hill.

Each month you will receive an email from SBA updating you on upcoming events, as well as other changes, and important announcements. I encourage all of you to read this monthly email, as well as the daily emails sent out to keep you informed.

One of the goals of SBA this year is to be more open and responsive to your needs. With that said, we will have a table in the Rotunda every Wednesday during lunch to answer your questions and take your suggestions. Whether you have a question about an upcoming event, or are new to the area and need a restaurant suggestion, please feel free to stop by!  This will also be your opportunity to buy UNC Law merchandise.

You can learn more about your SBA elected representatives. You can also find out about your SBA Committee representatives.

On behalf of the entire 2008-09 SBA Board of Governors, welcome back and we are looking forward to a great year!

Matt Modell
SBA President

SBA Elections

The Administration, staff, and SBA have been working tirelessly this past summer for you. Looking around the law school you will notice a lot of improvements inside, and outside the building.

  • In late April, the Town of Chapel Hill agreed to install new lighting on Country Club Road toward the T-Lot. These brighter lights were installed over the summer months.
    • While this area is safer, it is not as safe as it could be, and we are still working with the Town on solutions.
  • The first thing you may have noticed as you walked into the law school this morning was the new furniture in the Lower Rotunda. This furniture was delivered late in the summer, and is a vast improvement over the old furniture.
  • The library also installed new carpeting and new chairs over the summer on the 4th floor that are far more comfortable than the previous chairs.
  • Last spring, the law school also replaced the courtyard furniture.
  • SBA was able to use GPSF funds to purchase 6 new microwaves and a new toaster oven.
  • SBA also teamed up with the Administration to purchase a brand new double-wide refrigerator.
    • The refrigerators will be cleaned out on the second and last Friday of each month.
  • After all the complaints and feedback on coffee, I am happy to report the Snack Shack now sells Starbucks coffee.

Coming soon:

  • Most likely this week, you will find a new Flat Screen 47" TV in the Rumpus Room.
  • Students will soon (maybe as early as this week) have 24-hour access to cheap printing. Printers are being added in the Upper Rotunda and just off the Rumpus Room. Wireless printing will be available for these printers.

Upcoming SBA Elections

  • August 28 - Bar Review at Pantana Bob's (300 W Rosemary St) - 9pm - Midnight - NO COVER
  • Sept 3 - Student Organization Fair - 11:30am - 1pm
  • Sept 5 - Heels on the Street - Noon - 5pm
    • Heels on the Street is a SBA-sponsored afternoon of volunteering throughout Chapel Hill and the Triangle community. Law students volunteering that day will gather together at noon in the Rotunda for a free lunch before groups of around 10-15 students break off to various volunteer sites throughout the Triangle. The projects this year include, but are not limited to, Ronald McDonald House, Habitat for Humanity, Pennies for Change, Orange County Animal Shelter, NC Botanical Gardens, Salvation Army, John Avery Boys and Girls Club, Friends of DSS, and PTA Thriftstore. After completing a project, everyone will meet up at He's Not Here for an afternoon Bar Review to celebrate!
  • Sept 5 - Bar Review He's Not Here (112 1/2 W Franklin St) 4:30pm - 9pm - NO COVER
  • Sept 23 - 1L SBA Elections - 8:30am - 4:30pm
  • Sept 28 - SBA Funding Hearing Date for Student Orgs

Social Events

Interested in getting involved in Intramurals?

Signups must be turned into the intramural office now located in the SRC. Forms can be obtained from the IM office. Roster sheets can be obtained at the office or available online at Playing is free, though you are required to put down a refundable forfeit deposit.

Sport Entries Open Entry Deadline
Flag Football Now open Tuesday, August 26
Golf Tournament Now open Tuesday, August 26
Sand Volleyball 6's Now open Tuesday, September 2
Tennis Singles Now open Tuesday, September 2
Disc Golf Tuesday, September 2 Tuesday, September 9
Wiffleball 4's Tuesday, September 2 Tuesday, September 9
Racquetball Singles Monday, September 8 Tuesday, September 16
3 v. 3 Basketball Monday, September 15 Tuesday, September 23
Badminton Singles Monday, September 15 Tuesday, September 23

UNC Football is coming!

Attending UNC Football games is FREE with your UNC One Card, and in most cases you can just walk up to the gates and walk right into the game.

UNC has two home football games in the next month.

Saturday, August 30 v. McNeese State at 6:00pm

Saturday, September 20 v. Virginia Tech. Time TBA.

The next SBA Meeting will be on Tuesday, August 26 from 12-1. Please check the daily email for room location.

You can contact SBA by email at:
SBA Website:

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