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What is the 3L Class Endowment Fund?

When SBA does any general fundraiser (UNC Law Apparel Sales, cover charges at Bar Review, student donations, etc.), SBA will place the money in the 3L Class Endowment Fund.

Why an Endowment Fund?

In years past, the money received by SBA for fundraisers would be placed in a general fund and would be used by the school for various projects. SBA and the Office of Advancement decided to establish the Endowment Fund to (1) use the money more effectively and (2) allow students to dictate where the money is spent.

How the Endowment Fund Works

UNC Law’s graduating class of 2016 was the first to use the Endowment Fund. Since that year, each graduating class has contributed to the same Fund. During the summer before a graduating class’s 3L year, UNC Law’s Office of Advancement will gauge the total amount of money in the Endowment Fund. Five percent of the Fund’s total amount will then be set aside. In the Fall, the 3L class will vote to decide what they want this five percent to go towards. Caveat: the money must go towards UNC Law.

Examples of how the money can be used:

  • Summer Public Interest Grants
  • Student Scholarships
  • UNC Law's Unrestricted Funds

The Vision of the Endowment Fund

By placing the money SBA raises in the Endowment Fund, SBA hopes to combine the efforts of all current and former UNC Law students to most efficiently benefit all future UNC Law classes.  After only three years of operation, the Endowment Fund has grown to around $100,000. Our goal is to reach $1,000,000 by 2030. This goal is easily ascertainable because of (1) accruing interest and (2) the heightened potential for interested donors to contribute to the Endowment Fund once they witness its impact and how the Fund will function as a gift that keeps on giving.  Upon reaching $1,000,000, the five percent discharge would be $50,000 for EACH successive class, thereby giving 3L’s the power to set up a number of substantial scholarships or various public interest grants. If the amount continues to grow, the Endowment Fund could give STUDENTS the power to contribute hefty sums to a new law school building, the ability to subsidize student tuition, or allow us the possibility of supporting a new faculty chair.
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