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SBA Board of Governors (2022-2023)

  • President - Duma Ali
  • Vice President - Julius Brittman
  • Secretary - Daniel Rios
  • Treasurer - Andrew Worrell
  • Parliamentarian - Carson Southard
  • 3L Class President - Gabby Delgado
  • 3L Class Representative - Gabriela Monasterio
  • 3L Class Representative - Michael Wilson
  • 2L Class President - Wheels Moyer
  • 2L Class Representative - Karah Francois
  • 2L Class Representative - Annalise Graves
  • 1L Class President - Josh Jacobs
  • 1L Class Representative - Bethany Garrison
  • 1L Class Representative - Rob Jarrell
  • AALSA Representative - Jason Lee
  • BLSA Representative - Asha McCorvey
  • HLLSA Representative - Joseph Zavala Diek
  • OutLaw Representative - Caroline Hitesman

Duties and Responsibilities

General duties of all members of the Board of Governors

  • Attend weekly meetings.
    • Note, three unexcused absences may result in dismissal from the Board of Governors. UNC Law Bylaws Art. IV Sec. 3.
  • Attend both the Spring and Fall full-day budget allocation meetings
  • The incoming Board of Governors, elected in the Spring, is required to attend Commencement of that spring to serve as marshals for the graduating class.

SBA President

  • Schedule and preside over weekly meetings for the Board of Governors
  • Act as the main administrator of duties for SBA functions throughout the year
  • Send out and evaluate applications for SBA Committees and Appointments (both in the summer and the fall)
  • Meet weekly with Student Development to discuss events
  • Meet biweekly with Dean Brinkley to discuss overall state of student body; faculty relations; and any major issues that arise during the year
  • Organize Wellness Week (typically during the spring semester)
  • Speak at 1L Orientation (fall) and Commencement (spring)
  • Represent the school at various functions throughout the year

SBA Vice President

  • Lead the organization and planning of Barristers Ball, which typically involves: recruiting the Barristers Ball Committee; managing the committee; coordinating with the venue; negotiating contracts for work and services at the venue; and overseeing theme decisions, decorations, and ticket sales
  • In the absence of the SBA President, the Vice President presides over weekly meetings for the Board of Governors

SBA Secretary

  • Record minutes of all Board of Governors meetings
  • Post the minutes of every meeting onto the SBA website within 7 days of the meeting
  • Maintain the SBA website, including up-to-date contact information for all SBA members, posting information about upcoming events such as weekly Bar Reviews and Barristers Ball, and posting any resolutions or amendments to the SBA Bylaws passed by the Board of Governors
  • Schedule and reserve rooms for SBA events, such as the weekly Board of Governors meeting.

SBA Treasurer

  • Facilitate the fall and spring budget allocation meetings, the purpose of which is to distribute student fee money to the law school student organizations. Planning for this meeting includes:
    • Holding an informational meeting with all the organizational treasurers to inform them of the allocations process and answers the organizational treasurers’ questions
    • Once the requests for funding are submitted, the treasurer compiles all the requests and creates a schedule for each group to present at the allocation meetings
    • Following the allocation meetings, the treasurer ensures that the allocated funds are transferred to the correct student organizations
  • Responsible for working closing with the Student Activities Funds Office (SAFO) to manage the SBA account. This requires getting checks written to reimburse individuals and to pay bills
  • Responsible for tracking and depositing money raised from the sales of things like class t-shirts, Law Revue tickets, and Barristers Ball tickets

3L President

  • Facilitate selection of Commencement Speaker, Class Gift, and McCall Award recipient
  • Organize class fundraisers, including traditions such as the Halloween party and a date auction
  • Serve as Chairperson of the Elections Committee
  • Speak at Commencement

3L Representatives (2)

  • Assist with class elections
  • Assist class gift selection and solicitation
  • Assist selection of commencement speaker
  • Attend and support events, such as semester parties, Barristers, Law Revue, Heels on the Street, etc.

2L President

  • Initiate and coordinate various programs and events that occur throughout the semester
  • Respond to inquiries and concerns of the 2L class, which may include bringing these concerns to the attention of the Board of Governors
  • Plan, organize, and run the End of Semester Party, held in December and the 1L Orientation Party, held on the Friday of orientation

2L Representatives (2)

  • Support and help enact the Class President's proposals to the Board of Governors
  • Be accessible to the 2L class, as getting a pulse of the class is very important to the overall success of SBA
  • Attend meetings and vote on proposals before the Board of Governors
  • Help plan the End of Semester party
  • The flexibility afforded in the class representative position allows the representative to also be involved as chairpersons or committee members of SBA committees, such as the Faculty Selection committee, Public Service committee and Health and Wellness committee

1L President

  • Solicit 1L participation and make SBA committee recommendations to the SBA President
  • Coordinate class fundraising efforts, with proceeds going towards the class gift at graduation
  • Seek feedback from classmates and bring class concerns to the general SBA Board
  • Plan the end of the year law school party, held in May
  • Appoint a 1L Council with members from small sections to seek feedback and aid in the above duties   

1L Representatives (2)

  • Assist in fundraising efforts for the class fund
  • Assist with the End of Year party
  • Assist in addressing student concerns by presenting such concerns to the Board of Governors
  • Assist in publicizing SBA-sponsored events
  • Attend SBA meetings and mandatory events
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