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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I'm offered a spot on a team, can I request a different team?

A: No. Preferences are taken into account when making offers, and we cannot make changes after offers are made. You are free to decline an offer if you'd rather not be in Holderness in the capacity you are offered.

Q: What does it mean if I'm offered a position on a team as an "alternate"?

A: In some ways, your status as an "alternate" may be quite temporary. In late June/early July, some of the team offers made will be declined by students choosing to serve on the NC Law Review, the only journal which forbids Holderness participation. When/if this happens, you may be extended a "full" team offer at that time (and new offers to new "alternates" will be made to other students). If you serve in your 2L year as an "alternate," you will have opportunities to work with your team and (budget permitting) even get competition exposure in other ways. Plus, you will work with the groups organizing and conceptualizing the law school's famous Craven Competition and/or next year's 1L Tryout Competition.

Q: What if I want to accept my Holderness invitation, but I listed the NC Law Review in my JJC preferences?

A: If you want to accept a Holderness invitation immediately, you must email Assistant Dean for Student Development John Kasprzak at kasprzak@email.unc.edu to drop the NC Law Review from your journal preferences. Accepting immediate invitation means you definitely are committing to Holderness regardless of any other journal offers you may receive and/or accept.

Q: What if I want to keep my Holderness options open while I wait to hear from the journals, including the NC Law Review?

A: You may consider our offer as continuing up to the time the journals make their selections. This means, as to the NC Law Review, that if/when you receive an offer to join that journal, you'll have to make an either/or decision then. As for other journals, the offer is kept open until journals make their offers, at which time you can accept only Holderness, accept only the journal, or accept both.

Q: I'm thinking of doing both Holderness and a journal (not NC Law Review) if I get the chance. What if during my 2L year, I later decide to "go out" for an editor position on my journal?

A: Depending on the journal (frequency of publication) and the position, it may be realistic to do both. But if you decide you want to do only the editorship your 3L year, Holderness will give you an "honorable discharge" after you've completed all of your Holderness 2L obligations (including, importantly, working on the 1L Tryout Competition in the spring semester).

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