2007 Grantees

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Tana Liu Beers

El Centro de los Derechos del Migrante
Zacatecas, Mexico

Thanks to a generous grant from C-PILO I was able to spend my 1L summer working at El Centro de los Derechos del Migrante, a transnational migrant rights center based in Zacatecas, Mexico. My work involved a lot of travel throughout Mexico to meet with clients who had been migrant workers in the United States. I assisted with ongoing litigation related to employment rights by interviewing witnesses, preparing for depositions, and researching legal protections of migrant workers. Without a C-PILO grant I would not have had this opportunity.

Robert W. Brown III

District Attorney's Office - District 5
Wilmington, N.C.

I worked for the DA's Office in Wilmington, NC (New Hanover and Pender Counties). I worked closely with the elected DA, Ben David, on the successful prosecution of Antonio Nicholas McAllister. He received approximately 55 years for the assault and rape of a local 78 year old woman. In addition to researching evidentiary issues and preparing exhibits, I helped coordinate witnesses and experts.

Commonwealth Attorney's Office
Franklin County, V.A.

In the latter part of the summer I worked for the Commonwealth Attorney's Office in Franklin County, VA. The experience there allowed me to compare and contrast working in a small VA town to that of a larger and more intense NC city. Both opportunities allowed me to get hands-on experience while working for the public good. Without the grant I received from C-PILO, I would have been unable to work in either of these offices.

Stephanie Carowan

District Attorney's Office - District 5
Wilmington, N.C.

I came to law school to be a prosecutor. Because of the generosity of C-PILO, I was able to do just that through an intership with the Wilmington, NC District Attorney's Office. This past summer, I successfully handled 25 cases against defendants charged with DWI, domestic violence, and various misdemeanor traffic offenses. Additionally, I spent approximately six weeks of my internship preparing a first degree murder case to go to trial later this year. It is an extraordinary feeling to know that I helped make even a small difference in the lives of the victims, their families, and, hopefully, the larger Wilmington community. I am deeply grateful to C-PILO for providing the funding for this amazing opportunity!

John Derrick

North Carolina Coastal Land Trust
Kill Devil Hills, N.C.

I spent part of my summer at the NC Coastal Land Trust's Kill Devil Hills office, where I worked on saving the lands we love at the coast through conservation easements and acquisition. I had a great time and learned a lot through this wonderful internship that would not have been possible without the generous grants of C-PILO and ELP.

Kelley Gondring

Office of the Colorado State Public Defender
Denver, C.O.

I worked in the Public Defender's Office in Denver this summer. The best part of working there was the client interaction. 3 days a week, I was in court working with clients, explaining to recently arrested juveniles and adults what the court process would look like and the charges against them. I also helped gather information to argue bond and probable cause. In addition to working with these clients, I also got hands on experience interviewing witnesses - both friends and hostile! The days that I wasn't in court, I did legal research and writing, drafted motions, and helped attorneys organize discovery and generally prepare for trial.

Lindsey Brooke Guice

District Attorney's Office - District 10
Wake County, N.C.

I spent most of the summer the courtroom! While at the Wake County DAs Office, I got a wide variety of experience. I spent one week in traffic court, one week in Juvenile court, one day in People's court, and 4 weeks in general district court. Under the 3L practice rule, I was able to do a lot! On most days I called the docket, tried cases, negotiated with defendants and defense attorneys and helped the District Court ADA run the courtroom.

District Attorney's Office - District 29
Brevard, N.C.

The second half of my summer, I worked at the DAs office in Brevard, NC. My time in the courtroom was much more limited, so I also worked in the office. I typed indictments, contacted police officers, read and studied files, contacted victims, ran criminal histories on both defendants and potential jurors, and set up felony files, among other things. One of the best parts of the job was getting to know the attorneys in the various counties in which I worked and seeing the different dynamics of different counties! It was also very touching to interview victims of serious crimes.

Candace Harke

NC Department of Justice - Environmental Division, Air and Natural Resources Section
Raleigh, N.C.

As a summer clerk I mainly did reasearch and writing for the attorneys in my section concerning water rights, coastal issues, and air quality issues. I wrote motions, several criminal appellate briefs, and memos. I also attended administrative hearings, depositions, client meetings, appellate hearings, negotiations, meditations and went on a site visit in the Outer Banks. The attorneys in my section were extremely helpful and always willing to talk to me about my career, my interests, and gave me great feedback about my work. The overall DOJ intern program also has many guest speakers, brown bag lunches and trips to the state prisons and the SBI Crime Lab.

Miriam Haskell

Justice Now
Oakland, C.A.

I worked for Justice Now, a prison abolition organization in Oakland, CA, that provides legal services to people in women's prisons. California hosts the world's biggest population of women prisoners, and legislators there recently approved the biggest prison expansion in world history. I focused mainly on petitions for compassionate release, which allow a person in prison who has been declared terminally ill with less than six months to live to be released early in order to die at home. For many people, their greatest fear is dying in prison. While the process is in place to make these petitions, granting them is very rare. I met with terminally ill people in prison, gathered letters of support from their family members and friends and wrote petitions to prison officials requesting early release. I also worked on a memo analyzing how international law could be used to protect pregnant and birthing women in prisons. Throughout the summer, I participated in a seminar and many discussions about the brutal and repressive impact of the prison system on people of color, queer people and immigrants, as well as what a world without prisons would look like.

Jennifer Karpowicz

District Attorney's Office
District 1, N.C.

This summer, I interned at the District Attorney's Office in District 1, NC. I spent most of my time in the court room, in both District and Superior Court. Under the third year practice rule, I was able to assist the District Court attorneys in a variety of ways: calling the calendar, doing guilty pleas, continuances, and bench trials. Additionally, I helped prepare trials by interviewing officers and victims as well as run criminal histories. In Superior Court, I assisted the ADA's with things such as preparing criminal sentencing worksheets and organizing the files.

This experience was both insightful and rewarding. Thanks to the generosity of C-PILO for providing the funding for this amazing opportunity!! I am truly grateful.

Nancy Kim

Meckenburg County Public Defender's Office
Charlotte, N.C.

I interned at the Mecklenburg County Public Defender's Office in Charlotte this past summer. Upon graduating from Carolina, I believe I want to pursue a career in public interest law and this internship afforded me priceless hands-on opportunities. It also gave me a realistic look into working in the public sector. I was assigned to the Felony Property unit and was given the chance to interact extensively with clients, enhance my research and writing skills, draft motions in preparation for trial, and conduct field investigations. It was rewarding to be able to apply what I had learned during my 1L year to a practical job. I'm grateful for the funding that C-PILO provided so I could have such a wonderful summer experience.

Andrew Lincoln

Center for Death Penalty Litigation
Durham, N.C.

I was the first and sole intern for the trial unit in CDPL and worked primarily with two attorneys in the pre-trial stages of litigation in capital cases. My responsibilities included assistance with legal research and writing, attending jury selection and several days of a capital trial, and taking part in pre-trial consults with attorneys throughout North Carolina who needed assistance and strategy in planning a defense in a capital trial.

At the end of the summer, I prepared a clemency presentation for an inmate on death row in North Carolina. That research will be utilized by the attorneys preparing the clemency presentation to the Governor.

Jack Rockers

Immigrants Legal Assistance Project
Raleigh, N.C.

I worked at the Immigrants Legal Assistance Project in Raleigh (part of the NC Justice Center). The best part of my job was client interaction, meeting people from all over the world, hearing people's stories, and developing advocacy skills in a legal environment.

Elyse Nieves

Legal Aid of North Carolina
Durham, N.C.

I am a 2nd year law student, pursuing a dual degree in Law and Public Health. My main interest is in health care and accessibility issues. During the second half of this summer I worked at Legal Aid of North Carolina's Durham Office. It was a wonderful experience because I was doing similar work to the 'real' lawyers in the office, which gave me a accurate perspective of my future public interest career. Also, because of the work I did, I felt like I was giving back to those who often time do not have access to legal services, which is exactly the type of experience I was looking for. I would recommend to anyone who wants a meaningful, hands-on experience to do some kind of work at a Legal Aid Office. Thanks C-PILO for making this summer experience possible!

Nic Thornton

EEOC - Office of Legal Counsel
Washington D.C.

This summer I worked at the EEOC Office of Legal Counsel in Washington D.C. The Office of Legal Counsel advises EEOC staff on policy matter relating to the Commission's enforcement of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Title I & V of the American with Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, and the Equal Pay Act. As an intern in the office, I conducted legal research and assisted in the drafting of policy statements. In addition, through my participation in the "Attorney of the Day" program I took phone calls from employers, attorneys, and members of the public who had questions about employment discrimination. My experience at the EEOC was invaluable because it confirmed for me that employment discrimination law is what I ultimately want to practice. My internship would not have been possible without the financial assistance provided by C-PILO, and for that I am very grateful!

Beth Trivette

Legal Aid of North Carolina
Durham, N.C.

The C-PILO grant I received enabled me to devote my summer to something I truly care about: bringing legal services to underserved clients. From my first day with the Durham office of Legal Aid of North Carolina (LANC), my supervising attorney entrusted me with the responsibilities of interviewing potential clients, researching legal problems, writing memoranda, and maintaining client contact. LANC trained me in legal issues commonly faced by Americans with low incomes, and the attorneys helped me feel right at home throughout the summer. This introduction to the non-profit legal world, the practical skills I gained through consistent client contact, and the connections I made with practicing attorneys who share my commitment to equalizing access to legal services were all invaluable. I can't thank C-PILO enough for this amazing opportunity!

Emily Tseng

Pisgah Legal Services
Asheville, N.C.

This past summer, I interned at Pisgah Legal Services, a nonprofit civil legal services organization in Asheville, NC. I worked for the Health Education and Legal Support (HEALS) Project, at a satellite office directly across the street from the hospital. HEALS is a new medical-legal collaboration that teams up healthcare professionals with attorneys to help patients whose medical problems are exacerbated by underlying legal issues. A typical example would be a patient with chronic asthma living in public housing, where the landlord refused to remedy a serious mold problem. HEALS would then step in and contact the landlord, to let them know they were violating North Carolina law. I was assigned a research project regarding mobile home ownership, knowing that my efforts could help save our client from eviction. I processed new callers, listening to their pressing problems. I trained hospital staff about the HEALS Project, to increase referrals. Thanks to funding from CPILO, I was able to gain invaluable practical experience this past summer.

Rebecca Williford

EEOC - Office of Commissioner Christine M. Griffin
Washington D.C.

I thoroughly enjoyed my summer of work at the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in the Office of Commissioner Christine M. Griffin. I drafted litigation recommendations, advising the Commissioner on whether to pursue litigation on behalf of an individual or class. I also drafted appellate decisions overruling or affirming Administrative Judge opinions. In the process, I was able to pursue my passion for disability rights, learning a good deal about the substance of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act, the two main statutes that protect the rights of Americans with disabilities; and participating in the Commissioner's work on the Leadership for the Employment of Americans with Disabilties (LEAD) Initiative, an initiative to increase the number of Americans with severe disabilities employed by the Federal Government. I am thankful to C-PILO for making my summer possible.

Meredith Woods

Georgia Justice Project
Atlanta, G.A.

I spent the summer at the Georgia Justice Project in Atlanta, GA. GJP is a criminal defense nonprofit completely independent from the state and the only organization of its kind in Georgia. I assisted the attorneys there with their current caseload, which included two clients charged with murder. The staff at GJP really allowed the summer interns to be a part of the legal team. I researched and wrote memos, interviewed potential clients, filed legal documents at the courthouse, observed court proceedings, drafted motions, visited clients in prison, and did investigative work. I also had the opportunity to work with the social workers on staff, sitting in on sessions with clients. It was a wonderful experience that could not have been possible without C-PILO.

Sarah Byrd

Legal Aid of North Carolina
Asheville, N.C.

I spent this past summer working for Legal Aid of North Carolina as an MLK fellow in the Asheville office. I had the opportunity to meet with clients on a regular basis and gained valuable skills in client interviewing, letter writing, and communications. I handled several cases on my own under the supervision of managing attorney. For example, I represented one client on her Medicaid appeal with the Social Security Administration. Although delays in the hearing dates prevented me from actually presenting before an Administrative Law Judge, I conducted multiple client interviews, collected evidence and composed a brief supporting her case.

In addition to experiences in the area of public benefits, I had the opportunity to work on family law cases, attend multiple custody hearings, assist in divorce and custody clinics, and attend collaborative professional meetings around domestic violence issues. I also did legal research and writing related to property law, employment law, debts and unfair trade practice. A highlight for me was attending the US Health and Human Services' Rescue and Restore Training Session on anti-trafficking in persons efforts.

UNC School of Law | Van Hecke-Wettach Hall | 160 Ridge Road, CB #3380 | Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3380 | 919.962.5106
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