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 Current List of our Live Auction Items for the 2018 Auction

L - 1 Durham Dinner and a Show

Sat, February 17th – 7:00 p.m. Downtown Raleigh -- Are you ready for a “Thrilling” night where your “World will be Rocked”? Then join the P.Y.T party for a night of Who’s Bad: The Ultimate Michael Jackson Experience. The evening includes two V.I.P balcony tickets, and dinner at Sitti (authentic Lebanese cuisine) with April Giancola (CDO) before the show.

L - 2 Do it for the LOLs

3-4 lucky students can join the Student Services Dream Team(tm) for appetizers, drinks, and Cards Against Humanity. Sure to be some good, G-rated fun! 

L - 3 Poker Night at Professor Coyle's!

Have a night of low-stakes, high-excitement gambling, as you and five friends take on Professor John Coyle at the poker table. Food (but no stewing chickens!) and drinks will be provided in this night of gaming and fun at Professor Coyle’s home.

L - 4 Take a Break

Professor Bishop & Professor Chew would like to donate a coffee and treats study break for up to 20 students to be taken during the spring reading days or final exam period.

L - 5 Escape with the Clinic

Join clinical faculty for a night playing "Escape the Room," to be preceded by drinks and snacks. Come employ all those legal reasoning skills as we are locked in a room together, working against a 60-minute clock to unearth clues, solve puzzles, and crack codes. See if you have what it takes to escape! Think of it as a metaphor for law school! (Limited to 6 students)

L - 6 Hiking with Puppies

Need a break from the stress of law school? Want to get some fresh air? Enjoy a nice hike with Professor Gerhardt and her new (and totally adorable) dog! 4-6 students welcome! 

L - 7 Movie Night without Keanu Reeves

Join Professor Gurvich at her house for dinner and a movie! Professor Gurvich will host up to 6 students, and provide food, wine, a big screen TV, and popcorn for the group! Winning bidders pick the food (want to try Professor Gurvich's home-cooking? Now's your chance!) and the movie (anything you want! Unless it has Keanu Reeves. No movies with Keanu Reeves.) You won't want to miss out on this!

L - 8 Goooooooooooooooaaaalllll!

Join Professor Kirschenfeld for a springtime football (yes, the realfootball, or the game played worldwide and known in the U.S. as “soccer”) match. Choose between the USL’s N.C. Football Club (men’s) or the NWSL’s N.C. Courage (women’s, and last season’s runners up!) – both teams play home matches at Cary’s WakeMed Soccer Park. As of this writing, schedules for the 2018 seasons have not been released, but plan for the game to be on a weekend from late March to mid-April, or later if necessary. Up to four students should plan to watch some high quality local teams play the world’s beautiful game. One souvenir per student included, as is an accompanying meal.

L- 9 Wine Exploration!

Wining and Dining! Join Professor Thomas for a relaxing evening of wine tasting and accompanying h'orderves. This hosted culinary scroll through the world of vino is limited to 6 lucky students.

L - 10 Learn the Ropes

The entire externship team (Prof. Zanin, Prof. S-K, Prof. Lyubkin and Melissa) are in for an outing for up to six students to the high ropes course at Camp Chestnut Ridge followed by campfire and smores (also at Chestnut Ridge).

L - 11 Brunch with BFFLs

Spend some quality time with two of NC's leading attorneys in the fields of domestic violence and sexual assault, both UNC Law alums and BFFLs: Amily McCool, Legal Director of the nonprofit the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sherry Everett, founder and partner of public interest law firm assisting survivors of domestic violence. They love UNC Law students and will treat you to a fun brunch! Up to 6 students.

L - 12 Tar Heels Only

Join Professor Lissa Broome at Tobacco Road Sports Bar to watch the UNC – NC State Men’s Basketball game (played at NC State) on Saturday, February 10 at 2:00 p.m. Professor Broome will provide food and libations for 3. Must root for Tar Heels!

L - 13 An Un-Taxing Lunch

Feeling hungry? Four lucky students can join Professor Patricia Bryan for lunch (where she has promised NOT to talk about tax) at City Kitchen, an American Brasserie in Chapel Hill, at a date TBD. Come enjoy great food and company!

L - 14 Dapper as the Dean

Have you ever seen Dean Brinkley and thought "wow, that is a well-dressed man"? Well now you have a chance to be as dapper as the dean himself, with two bow ties from his personal collection

L - 15 Poker Face

Put on your best poker face as you and five friends compete in a Hold 'Em tournament at Professor Kennedy's home. Enjoy home-made desserts and refreshments as you compete for $100 in prize money! Professor Kennedy will put up the stake money for everyone and guarantees that he will be the sucker at the table.

L - 16 Get it Together

Professor Stern is a life coach and would like to offer 3 free life coaching sessions – value $300-450.  Here is Professor Stern's definition of life coaching: life coach ing  1. A process that helps you take concrete steps toward a future that excites you and aligns with your values. 2. A process of becoming “unstuck” in areas that matter to you, such as work, relationships, health, exercise, money, romance, personal growth, or having fun."

L- 17 Hiking with Hornstein

Professor Hornstein invites 4 students to go hiking up Mt Rogers on the Appalachian Trail and/or adjacent Grayson Highlands State Park, the home of wild ponies (or both).  Interesting side-note: Professor Hornstein has twice walked the entire Appalachian Trail and he and his wife were the subject of an award-winning story about Triple Crown hikers (those few who have thru-hike the AT, the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada, and the Continental Divide, also from Mexico to Canada). 

L - 18 The Wise Bird Sings

Watch a wise bird sing his swan song! Prof. Weisburd offers an exclusive dinner for up to four law students at a local restaurant (TBD after the winning bid is announced). Yale and Stephen Breyer fans need 

L - 19 A Sushi Extravaganza

Like sushi? Love media law? Want to spend some quality time with your favorite professors? Up to 4 students can join Professor Ardia and Professor Papandrea at their home for a personally prepared sushi dinner! Not a fan of fish? Doesn't matter! There will be a vegetarian option! This kind of opportunity doesn't appear often!

L - 20 Bowling with Boger

Dean Boger challenges you to a game of mediocre bowling at Mardi Gras Lanes. The mustachioed sage will also provide dinner for up to four law students and guests (7 people at the absolute maximum). Restaurant TBD by coordination between Dean Boger and the winning bidders.

L - 21 Pizza (And Fondue) Party

Got friends? Interested in criminal law? Would gourmet pizza and chocolate fondue calm your stress-raddled soul? Prof. Jain invites you and 11 other students to gorge yourself on delicious desserts with her and her family. Date TBD.

L - 22 Jamaican BBQ

Join Professor Myers at his home for an authentic experience of Jamaican BBQ and some criminal law discussions on the side! Up to 6 people!

L - 23 Southern Supper

Take the night off from cooking and enjoy a delicious southern style meal at Dean Smith's lovely home. Up to 10 people can come relax, have a glass of wine, and dine for free with Smith and her family. Catered by Mama Dips (yuuuuum). Don't miss out!

L - 24 Pucky You!

Join Professor Muller with up to two of your friends at a Carolina Hurricane's game. He'll even buy you each a drink. Game is February 13 at 7:00pm against the Los Angeles Kings.

L - 25 Drinks and Dinner with Marshall

Want to talk politics, movies, the First Amendment, or find out why Professor Marshall hates New Jersey? No subject is off-limits, except Pennoyer v. Neff. Up to 4 students for dinner and drinks

L - 26 Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Join Professors Salinas and Everett on a night out at the Durham Bulls stadium for nine innings of fun. 8-10 people welcome. 

L - 27 A Little Second Wave Feminism Anyone?

Take in the history of the feminist movement with Professors Posner, Bishop, Elengold, Fedders, Jacoby, and Marsden over a private screening of the riveting documentary, "She's Beautiful When She's Angry," followed by pizza, beer, and discussion. Time and date (weeknight) to be determined by students, professors, and the Varsity. Minimum 10 students, Maximum 15 welcome.

L - 28 A Vegetarian Feast!

You and up to five friends can enjoy a dinner prepared by Professor Hirsch, a former cook at the Dave Matthews Band's favorite vegetarian restaurant. Included: vegetarian meal, drinks, and possibly some stories about the band before they were famous.

L - 29 Intellectual Chili Dinner

You and 14 friends can talk with Professor Gene Nichol about his storied career over beers and bowls of his homemade chili during a relaxing evening at his home. Which 14 friends you bring along is a non-justiciable political question, but no attendees will have a rational basis to go home hungry!

L - 30 Heady 'Zaaaa

Enjoy homemade pizza (in a real brick oven!) and explore the Monast estate with up to eight friends!

L - 31 Shooting Range

Join Professor Myers - a former federal prosecutor and a former SWAT team member - for some fun at a shooting range where you can get a hands-on experience with criminal law. For two people!

L - 32 Happy Hour at the Franklin Hotel

Join Professors Elizabeth Gibson and Mosteller at the Franklin Hotel for an afternoon of drinks and snacks. 3-6 students welcome.

L - 33 Roar Like the 20s!

The year is 1929: The stock market has not yet crashed, the Charleston is all the rage, and the Hessicks are hosting a dinner party. You are invited to an evening of fancy food, free-flowing champagne, and elaborate era-appropriate costumes. Up to 6 students.

L - 34 Total Kaplan Bar Prep Course

Uh-oh, it’s right around the corner, better grab this incredible score! Complete Kaplan Bar Prep Course, choose between in person or online classes at a value of almost $3000!

L - 35 South Africa House

Enjoy Gansbaai, South Africa for seven days and seven nights. This low-key hamlet is known for whale-watching, great white shark diving, world class wineries and scenic hiking. Only a two-hour drive to Cape Town! 3L’s could easily make this part of their post-bar trip! 

UNC School of Law | Van Hecke-Wettach Hall | 160 Ridge Road, CB #3380 | Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3380 | 919.962.5106
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