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Parking lots on campus

First year students technically are not eligible for a permit absent a hardship condition. 1L's won't be able to register for waitlist spots until the first day of classes. They wait until all the current law students have been assigned a space. If there are any left over, 1Ls may register. You'll need to go to the Parking website and get on the waitlist for a parking spot for the law school. Don't bother with waitlisting for an S3 lot spot because it will be full. Just waitlist for a T lot spot and you will be notified whether or not you have received a spot shortly thereafter. There is a cost for parking permits.

Hardship parking is also available, but it is limited to very specific situations. Dean John Kasprzak takes care of that.

Many UNC parking lots aren't enforced (and are free-for-all) after 5 p.m., and most after 8 p.m. and on weekends.

UNC Transportation & Parking

Private parking near campus

There are some private homes near campus that rent parking spaces to students and other private parking lots near Franklin St. The cost is usually higher than the on-campus lots, roughly $350 per semester and some are as high as $400 per semester.

Metered parking/ Town parking lots and decks

There is some on-street parking available with parking meters and the town of Chapel Hill has a parking deck and a few parking lots near Franklin St. However most of these spaces are limited to 3 hours. There is a surcharge on all-day parking in the parking deck. Basically this is a good option if you are parking for a short period of time only. The Bank of America building has a parking deck that is $6 a day on Rosemary St.

Word to the wise: Businesses in downtown Chapel Hill who say they will tow non-customers' cars are serious about this!

Chapel Hill Transit

Chapel Hill Transit buses are free! They serve most neighborhoods in Chapel Hill and Carrboro (system map). They also have two shuttle bus services that make a loop around campus. Bus routes in downtown Chapel Hill and UNC campus. (The law school is on Ridge Rd, near where it meets Raleigh Rd and South Rd).

There are several park-and-ride lots. Chapel Hill Transit buses serve these lots as well. The Friday Center lot is the most popular among law students because there is a bus stop at the School of Government (near the law school).

More information about park-and-ride can be found through UNC's Commuter Alternatives Program. Students may register for this program after July 1.

Chapel Hill Transit buses also allow bikes on buses.

Other options

Biking is a good option to get around town or campus. Many streets in Chapel Hill and Carrboro have bike lanes. There are bike racks along Franklin St and all over campus.

The UNC-Duke Robertson Scholars program runs a FREE express bus between the two campuses when classes are in session:

For those who live in Durham or near RTP, Triangle Transit serves Chapel Hill on Routes 402, 403, 412 and 413 (maps are available on the website as a .pdf file). The fare is $2.00, but multi-ride passes are available.

Triangle Transit also organizes vanpools throughout the Triangle area.

UNC also has four Zipcars on campus which can be rented for $5 an hour (gas and insurance included). These are good for short trips if you don't have your car on campus.

UNC School of Law | Van Hecke-Wettach Hall | 160 Ridge Road, CB #3380 | Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3380 | 919.962.5106
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