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Ethan Trotz Great school, in the south.
Ashley Kersnowski Because it truly has a family environment.
Kristin Vinal Great school, with a great price for me.
Megan Bishop I chose UNC because of it's strong tradition and commitment to public interest and pro bono work.
Elizabeth Fisher I loved the community, enjoyed the campus, and wanted to stay in NC.
Sabrina Heck I felt welcomed by the Tar Heel community. I knew that I was going to get an amazing education in a supportive and friendly environment.
Justin Knapp Desire to practice law in NC, great academic reputation, affordability.
Jeff Warren Both my father and step father attended UNC Law, and it was clear to me growing up that UNC Law equipped with the education necessary them to succeed in a demanding legal market. Their experiences initially inspired me to visit UNC, but upon visiting UNC, what stood out to me was the community. Students seemed to want to see one another succeed, and the environment was incredibly warm and welcoming. I tend to do my best in environments where teamwork and collaboration are valued, thus UNC Law was the natural choice for me.
Natalie Kutcher Most of my family went here for undergrad, so I've always heard wonderful things about the school. When I was applying to law schools, everyone I knew told me I had to go with UNC, not just for the academic reputation but for the close-knit community it provided. It was never really a question in my mind, it was the best choice all-around!
Laura Gregory I have always been a huge Tar Heel fan, and I feel that UNC Law represents everything I admire about the Carolina community - we work together as a team to ensure that everyone achieves their goals.
Joe Fields UNC, through the work of the Pro Bono and Public Interest Projects, was the best way for me to increase my impact in North Carolina. I have worked in the nonprofit sector for a few years and I felt law school was valuable only if it could augment my potential for doing good. Additionally, UNC's reputation and impact in North Carolina will allow me to meet the people that I hope will help place me in positions of significance upon graduation.
Sam Dearstyne I wanted to attend a school that was dedicated to preparing students for legal careers that serve the people of North Carolina.
Richard Ingram Great education, great people, great place.
Mayukh Sircar The community that UNC Law fosters was one of the most supportive that I found and the faculty's investment in each student was apparent from their willingness to connect with and mentor each student. Additionally, I fell in love with the Triangle Area when I was in undergrad here. The opportunity to reconnect with the area and old friends while surrounded by the nurturing family of UNC Law was all I needed.
UNC School of Law | Van Hecke-Wettach Hall | 160 Ridge Road, CB #3380 | Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3380 | 919.962.5106
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