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Kristin Vinal That you have to treat it like a job or you can burn out quick.
Siya Hegde Easier said than done, but maintain a balance between your law school life and your life beyond it :) Also, be sure to build connections with professors early on, even if you don't have them as a professor at the time.
Megan Bishop There is a ton of well meaning advice, but not all of it will work for you. Take the best, and leave the rest.
Sarah Burnick That if you find something you are passionate about in law school, it will still be hard but will be more enjoyable.
Tom Zamadics I wish I knew Chapel Hill a little better for picking an apartment.
Sabrina Heck That my backpack was going to weigh as much as a child...I would have done strength training for my back over the summer!
Sarah Anderson It's beneficial to take time off in the summer before law school. You need that break because 1L year is high stress and heavy on work! I'm sure as a 2L I'll be saying that I wish I knew not to take everything so seriously in 1L!
Jeff Warren There's a lot of "hype" about the workload of law school. And while this reputation is certainly deserved, I feel as though, generally, incoming 1L's expect the work to me much worse than it actually is. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself that while school is important, making time for yourself between assignments is equally as vital in maintaining a healthy lifestyle during law school. I'm much more productive and motivated when I exercise, and I preform better in my classes as well. So while, yes, the work of law school is demanding and difficult, it isn't so demanding that you can't make time for yourself.
Fred William Irving I wish that I had known about all the resources in the library- I would have saved money by checking out study aids.
Natalie Kutcher Everyone is just as nervous as you are! It's not like the movies where everything is unbearably competitive, everyone is in the same boat during the first semester and everyone is very open to making friends and helping each other out.
Joe Fields The environment and student body is friendlier than I anticipated. Everyone is eager to meet people and learn through different backgrounds. I had no idea how diverse the school was and how that would impact my education in a positive manner.

Academically, I wish I had known more about professor preferences in briefing cases. Professors look for different things and it takes time to get used to what they are looking for when they cold call!
Alexis Weiss Don't be afraid to make a mistake or say something wrong in class. Everyone does it, and when it happens to you, your classmates will just be happy that it wasn't them.
Richard Ingram How to trust the process. Invest time early, lay a foundation for success, and things tend to work out in your favor.
Beth Kapopoulos It's okay to feel overwhelmed.
Mayukh Sircar Law school is a very personalized experience. The study techniques, outlines, briefing methods that work for one student does not work for another. The faculty designs their courses (especially the first semester) to allow each student to experiment and figure out the best techniques for them. Reading law school prep books, and looking up advice on the internet or through movies can just lead to unnecessary anxiety or a false sense of preparedness. Just enjoy the summer before law school and take on law school as it comes at you.
UNC School of Law | Van Hecke-Wettach Hall | 160 Ridge Road, CB #3380 | Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3380 | 919.962.5106
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